Red Sling Bag

I've  made another bag as an order from my friend. This time i made a sling bag from 2 rolls of Softy Cotton with basketwave motif . The bag sweetened by floral lining , crocheted flower brooch and two butterflies in the sling.

front side



These are my gifts for my friends. Pink Flower Bandana and bookmarks. 

Let me introduce my new model for my latest Bandana..


Candy Color Bookmarks

Bandana      : Indonesian Cotton Thread, Hook no 4
Bookmarks   : Thalenta's Rayon Blend, Hook no 3, Pattern by Thata Pang (e-book)

Special Request

This is special request from my niece. I took the pattern from and made a little modification in edging. The colour is bright and  cheerful for teenager. She chosen the color herself.. Hope she like it.

Hook : 7
Yarn :  Thalenta's Softy Cotton

Two-Sided Blanket

This blanket is a present for a member in Dinamic Crochet Community, Yani, who gave birth in last August. I received the squares from my friends and my task is to join the squares into a blanket. It consist of 56 squares. I sew Japanese cotton fabric behind it so both sides can be used .

Front side

both side

Here's Dania with the blanket..ow, she's so cute..

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