Illusion stitch booties

I've made another booties. It called Illusion Stitch Booties. I love the color which so bright and cheerful.

Granny Booties

A little gift for my niece..

Solomon' Stitch Shawl

Finally, i made it. Making this shawl didn't take a long time. This Stitch is beautiful and a great way to show off special yarn (
I used Thalenta's Ribbon Yarn and hook no 7.

beautiful isn't it?


Knitting Needles Storage

 I made this storage for my knitting needles so they won't broken. The idea is from mbak Thata Pang.The storage made from 30 cm PVC pipe with it's PVC cover in the top and sealed in the lower end. I decorated it with crocheted cover.


I just received a recycled notebook from teh Tarlen . This is a give-away from her..Nuhun teh

Blogger Award

Thanks to Nurul for giving me a "Kreativ Blogger Award". I love to read her blog which is simple but full inspiration. She so talented in sewing. Glad to know you.
 This is the second time i got award from my friend..First from Mida Sutrani , she is my bestfriend from Junior High School in Bandung. She gave me "You Are Nice Blogger Award". 

Thank you friends!!

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