5 days Challenge in Dinamic Crochet

I joined the 5 days challenge to crochet/knit in Dinamic Crochet Community. I  had to finish 1 project per day which chosen by moderator.

Day 1 : Baby/Toddler Hat

 I made a purple hat with flower on it. The hat is suitable for 1-2 years old . I used ICTS yarn and hook no 5.

Day 2 : Keychain

 I had no idea to make a keychain. I just made a bell and some round thing with beads on it. 

Day 3 : Purse

 The Long Stripe ICT color is fascinating so I made this coin purse with it. The frontside made with Tunisian Simple Stitch technique and the backside made with Double Crochet technique

Day 4 : Bandana

  For the 4th day i made bandana with variegated Ribbon Yarn. I used Tunisian Simple Stitch technique to make the bandana and flower on it.

Day 5 : Blue Scarf

 In the last day, the moderator gave 3 patterns . We had to choose 1 pattern and modify it. I chose the scarf with this beautiful motifs. Unfortunately,  I could't modify it since i had  some troubles. Overall, I satisfied with the result. 


Clara said...

Fantastic work as always and you have the best models!

Dheeny Thea said...

Thank you Clara ..the best model and i don't have to pay her :D

Fansi said...

Seru juga nih kalo ada challenge model gini. Bisa untuk menguji sejauh mana skill crochet/knit kita. Untuk ikut challenge kayak gini, apa minimal requirement-nya? Kira2 tahun 2012 ini ada lagi nggak?

Dini Rachmawati said...

mbak Fansi : belum tau juga tahun ini ada atau tidak.. Kalau ikutan gak ada syarat tertentu yang penting tanggung jawab bisa menyelesaikan 1 proyek dalam 1 hari

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