Festival Rajutan Indonesia 2011 (Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival)

The Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival will be held on July, 16th and 17th 2011 in Bank Mandiri Museum..

Here's the Logo for this year

Merchandise for this year: T-Shirt, Tote Bag and Pin

You can order to :

Medan : Astika Cahyarani (astikacftn@yahoo.co.id)
Pekan Baru : Ike Keidi Ang (keidi.crafts@hotmail.com)
Depok : Yani (safrist@gmail.com)
Bogor : Ari Asih (ariasih.pratiwi@gmail.com)
Bandung : Yenni Tenza (yenni.tenza@gmail.com)
Jogjakarta : Ajeng Galih Sitoresmi (a.sitoresmi@gmail.com)
Surabaya, Malang dskt : Thata Pang (thata.pang@gmail.com)

or to the Committe : Iffon Leliana iffonleliana@gmail.com

see you there

Bags 4 Erna

My Friend, Erna, requested bags last year. I'm sorry Er, i finished the bags last week :P.
This all yours

Brown Bag


Granny square Bag

Granny square Bag

The Brown Bag :
Softy Cotton and ICTS yarn
Hook no 7 (tulip)
40x35 cms

Granny Bag:
Softy Cotton
Hook no 7 (tulip)
granny square pattern taken from Say with Flower by Thata Pang
40x 35 cms

Basket Weave Motif

Yesterday i made some dishcloth,2 actually, to compare between crochet and tunisian technique.

Here they are:
Crochetted Basket weave

Fpdc (Front Post Double Crochet) and Bpdc (Back Post double crochet) is used to make this motif.

Tunisian Basket weave

The motif consist of TKS ( tunisian Knit stitch ) and TPS ( tunisian Purl stitch).
Hmm, next project would be knitted dishcloth.....

Gift from a Friend

Yesterday, i received a package from my friend Uni Katrin in Bandung. It was a birthday exchange program from Dinamic Cronit.  The package contains of a doily and a 20x20 square.
Thanks uni Katrin for the gift. I like it

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