Slipper for kids

My friend want to give a special gift for her daughter.
And she chose a pair of little slipper as below


material : Thalenta's softy  cotton, chenile and tiny butterfly
hook no 5

Blue and Pink Edition

With same pattern, i made 3 more slippers in 3 different sizes. Just change the hook size or add the number of stiches of it

It consist of two different color of yarn. 
Look nice, isn't it?

Purple Slippers

I made these slippers in 1 day. It consist of two different yarn, the plain and mix color yarn.
The pattern is so easy and fast. You can try it!

These are made by order from my friends

Red Hat

Just a simple red hat with simple motifs such as dc and fpdc and bpdc.

Made from Softy cotton and hook no 6. 

Just for Fun

Little Cute baby shoes and coin purse is made as a request from my sister.. It takes a little time to made. Simple and  express project .

 baby shoes

coin purse

Some Gifts

I met her 19 years ago in Bandung and i never met her again for about 17 years. Wow, it's a long long time ago.Unfortunately, when i went to Bandung last September i couldn't meet her and i missed her wedding day in October *sigh*
So, i made these for her..Hope she always remember me...



Slipper made from Thalenta's Long Stripe Cotton Thread. Hook no 5. Technique : Crochet
Scarf made from Thalenta's Special Yarn.Knitting needles 5,5 mm.Technique : Knitting

Flowers Table Runner and Doily

  Table Runner

3 D flowers is made to this unique 170 cms x 60 cms table runner and doily. 
The flowers consist of 6 different colors and i chose blue as the background (according to suggestion from my mentor :D)

As usual i made this project with Thalenta's Yarn especially Softy Cotton. and i  used clover hook no 5.

from top


Slipper for Chezvies

Here's a pair of slipper i've made few months ago for my friend in India. I made from Thata's design in her third book.

Material : Thalenta's Softy Cotton and hook no 6

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