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I met her 19 years ago in Bandung and i never met her again for about 17 years. Wow, it's a long long time ago.Unfortunately, when i went to Bandung last September i couldn't meet her and i missed her wedding day in October *sigh*
So, i made these for her..Hope she always remember me...



Slipper made from Thalenta's Long Stripe Cotton Thread. Hook no 5. Technique : Crochet
Scarf made from Thalenta's Special Yarn.Knitting needles 5,5 mm.Technique : Knitting


subtitlefilm said...

Wow, where have i been? I just read this...
Of course I DO always remember you, dear. Not because of those gorgeous gifts you've made for me, but for our beautiful long-lasting friendship we have ^_^



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