Tie Up Scarf


I really love this scarf. One of my favourite pattern from Thata Pang. Need only two hours to make it and 50 grams of yarn. In this picture i made it from my left over yarn. And Mbak Salas really enjoy to be a model for this time

Material : Thalenta's special Yarn and softy wool and 4,5 mm knitting needle

Family Gathering Doily Part 2

Another table cloth for my friend mbak Ruly at Kepanjen. I took the pattern from Thalenta Mystery CAL. This time i made from Thalenta's Plain Rayon Cotton  mixed with Thalenta's Variegated Rayon Cotton . 

Table Cloth


 The first time i made a large table cloth 2,5 m x 1, 75 m. 
Made from Acrilyc cotton and Variegated Indonesian Cotton Thread and hook no 2 from Clover.
It tooks a long time to make :)

Photos taken by mbak Ririk

Yippie..New Books

The package has come and here they are...

Two brand new books from mbak Thata.

The left is about simple patchwork and right side is origami for kids

The kids were happy with the books and couldn't wait to try it.


Rainbow Scarf

The rainbow scraf is made from Thalenta's slub bulky yarn and Softy wool and 4 mm knitting needles.
This time i tried to change between 2 yarns with simple pattern.
Cast on 16 stitches, make 2 knit and 2 purl along, in every two rows change the yarn.
And,,,,This is it!! 

All about bookmarks

These some bookmarks i made in the end of April..

First bookmark called the Pink. Using Tunisian Knit Stitch technique for the top and i attached some yarn below to make a braid

The second bookmark made from ribbon yarn . It looks like entrelac for a glance. 
I used Tunisian Knit Stitch instead of Tunisian Simple Stitch

The last, mushroom bookmarks were inspired by the work of Martha Puri. Thanks Puri :D
Made from red and white Indonesian Cotton Thread. Which one do you prefer?

Drapey Crochet Vest

This vest is all about ease...easy to crochet, easy to wear and beautifully easy on the eyes! *taken from pattern introduction*

Indeed, this vest is easy to crochet. I took the pattern from redheart.com.

Material : Thalenta Star's yarn
 Hook no 7


Cute Hats

After  giving birth 2 weeks ago, i am longing to crochet again.
 Here's the result : Two cute hats as requested by my friend for her niece.

Thalenta Mystery CAL (Family Gathering Doily)

This is the final result from Thalenta Mystery CAL. It called Family Gathering Doily. 
It consists of 400 grams of Indonesian Cotton Thread and 100 grams of Variegated Indonesian Cotton Thread and i need 1 week  to finished it. 
The diameter approximately 135 cms.

Children Edition

Here's my new creation for children wear. An earflap hat for 2-3 years old and another hoody jacketfor 1- 1,5 years old.

Both are made from Thalenta Star's yarn.

earflap hat

hoody jacket

The Red Jacket

This is a big project in the beginning of 2012 : An adult jacket consist of 15 balls of Thalenta Star's yarn. It took a month to make it 'coz there's a lot trial and error to make a suitable and comfortable sleeve.

This is it: 

Jeruk Shantang

Mirip jeruk shantang gak sih?


Di tengah pembuatan proyek besar yang harus selesai bulan Februari ini, iseng-iseng ikutan CAL di FB Thalenta untuk bulan Januari 2012. Polanya diambil dari buku Pernak Pernik Rajutan. Ini buat bantalan jarum berbentuk bunga. Karena gak ada dakron terpaksa diisi kapas :)))

Bahan : Thalenta Star dan hook no 5

Kalo yang ini Hoodie Jacket yang dikerjakan dalam dua hari aja (termasuk cepat buatku :D). Polanya modifikasi dari free pattern . Di ujung lengan dan bagian bawah jaket aku kasih edging fpdc dan bpdc biar gak terlalu lebar .

Bahan : Thalenta Star dan hook no 7

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