Bandana Again :)

This is my latest work for bandana. My friend's daughter love to wear it so she insisted me to make it again . This time i try to make Tunisian Knit Stitch in it. You can see the detail below.

 First row i use Tunisian Knit Stitch , in the middle i change the color and the stitch into Tunisian Purl Stitch..And in the row 25th i use Tunisian Knit Stitch again..The difference of the stitches is lovely..I like it. Plus, i give her a bonus.This is it..Mini Dress Bookmark..Hope she'll like it too


Sweetie Garden said...

lucu mbak bookmarknyaaaa.......

Dheeny Thea said...

makasih...itu free pattern dari blog-nya mbak Thata..

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