Last Week

I've made these project last week.
 Two slippers with different pattern and joining squares to make a baby blanket for a friend in Jakarta. 

Slippers Collection

Finally, i finished my task to make all these slippers..:D

Slipper for kids

My friend want to give a special gift for her daughter.
And she chose a pair of little slipper as below


material : Thalenta's softy  cotton, chenile and tiny butterfly
hook no 5

Blue and Pink Edition

With same pattern, i made 3 more slippers in 3 different sizes. Just change the hook size or add the number of stiches of it

It consist of two different color of yarn. 
Look nice, isn't it?

Purple Slippers

I made these slippers in 1 day. It consist of two different yarn, the plain and mix color yarn.
The pattern is so easy and fast. You can try it!

These are made by order from my friends

Red Hat

Just a simple red hat with simple motifs such as dc and fpdc and bpdc.

Made from Softy cotton and hook no 6. 

Just for Fun

Little Cute baby shoes and coin purse is made as a request from my sister.. It takes a little time to made. Simple and  express project .

 baby shoes

coin purse

Some Gifts

I met her 19 years ago in Bandung and i never met her again for about 17 years. Wow, it's a long long time ago.Unfortunately, when i went to Bandung last September i couldn't meet her and i missed her wedding day in October *sigh*
So, i made these for her..Hope she always remember me...



Slipper made from Thalenta's Long Stripe Cotton Thread. Hook no 5. Technique : Crochet
Scarf made from Thalenta's Special Yarn.Knitting needles 5,5 mm.Technique : Knitting

Flowers Table Runner and Doily

  Table Runner

3 D flowers is made to this unique 170 cms x 60 cms table runner and doily. 
The flowers consist of 6 different colors and i chose blue as the background (according to suggestion from my mentor :D)

As usual i made this project with Thalenta's Yarn especially Softy Cotton. and i  used clover hook no 5.

from top


Slipper for Chezvies

Here's a pair of slipper i've made few months ago for my friend in India. I made from Thata's design in her third book.

Material : Thalenta's Softy Cotton and hook no 6

Red Tunisian Belt

I love tunisian . 
That's why i made this belt with tunisian simple stitch. It's easy and quick to made.

Material : Thalenta I Cord Yarn ( variegated color)  and Softy Cotton (white)
Tunisian hook no 5

Flower Square Hats

Sweet flower hat

orange splash flower hat

Here's my new collection for babies hat. The same pattern with different colors. I made from local cotton thread from Thalenta and hook no 4.
You can send an email to if you like to order it 


Finally, Inspirative Crochet Book Launched

The Inspirative Crochet book will launched on Sunday Juli, 17th 2011, 14 pm-15.30 pm at Museum Bank Mandiri. The authors will sharing their experience to write crochet patterns and there will be a crochet workshop from 1 pattern in the book.

The  souvenirs will be handed for first 25 registrant for this agenda.

Don't miss it friends...

Squares Hat for baby girl

 I can't take my eyes off from squares..:D.  
A hat for baby girl is made for my friend's daughter. She asked for it a few weeks ago.
This is for you Nay.

Preparation for Pre FRI 2011 and WWKIP day 2011

Hi everyone....
it's been a month since my last post. A little bit busy with my domestic job :D

Here's my picture with my friend mbak Nusanti at Saung Thalenta last week.
We met mbak Thata to made some preparation for Pre FRI in Jatim area and WWKIP day 2011.

I can't wait to join WWKIP day this year ..Meet me at D'cost Royal Plaza Surabaya at 11-14 next sunday, June 26th 2011

see you

Festival Rajutan Indonesia 2011 (Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival)

The Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival will be held on July, 16th and 17th 2011 in Bank Mandiri Museum..

Here's the Logo for this year

Merchandise for this year: T-Shirt, Tote Bag and Pin

You can order to :

Medan : Astika Cahyarani (
Pekan Baru : Ike Keidi Ang (
Depok : Yani (
Bogor : Ari Asih (
Bandung : Yenni Tenza (
Jogjakarta : Ajeng Galih Sitoresmi (
Surabaya, Malang dskt : Thata Pang (

or to the Committe : Iffon Leliana

see you there

Bags 4 Erna

My Friend, Erna, requested bags last year. I'm sorry Er, i finished the bags last week :P.
This all yours

Brown Bag


Granny square Bag

Granny square Bag

The Brown Bag :
Softy Cotton and ICTS yarn
Hook no 7 (tulip)
40x35 cms

Granny Bag:
Softy Cotton
Hook no 7 (tulip)
granny square pattern taken from Say with Flower by Thata Pang
40x 35 cms

Basket Weave Motif

Yesterday i made some dishcloth,2 actually, to compare between crochet and tunisian technique.

Here they are:
Crochetted Basket weave

Fpdc (Front Post Double Crochet) and Bpdc (Back Post double crochet) is used to make this motif.

Tunisian Basket weave

The motif consist of TKS ( tunisian Knit stitch ) and TPS ( tunisian Purl stitch).
Hmm, next project would be knitted dishcloth.....

Gift from a Friend

Yesterday, i received a package from my friend Uni Katrin in Bandung. It was a birthday exchange program from Dinamic Cronit.  The package contains of a doily and a 20x20 square.
Thanks uni Katrin for the gift. I like it

Squares and squares

This is a collaboration of me and Ririk Oktavia.. She made the squares and i made the edging.
Material : Thalenta's Cotton Thread and Softy Cotton yarn. hook no 4/5.

New Jacket

New jacket after 1,5 months from the last post. Made for my friend. Material Softy Cotton from Thalenta. Hook no 7.
A little bit unsatisfied with the result..But i love the ribbing . It taken from Thata Pang's 3rd book.

Here's the ribbing details..

Thanks Thata Pang for the suggestion to make this project ^_^

My first jacket for adult

My very first jacket for adult is finished. Made from Softy Cotton yarn, hook no 6 and printed buttons.

I need almost 2 weeks to made , to find the best buttons, etc.

Thanks to mbak Thata Pang for finishing idea in the neckline and buttons.


Look at these buttons! 
They are so cute. Unfortunately i can't take the picture  clearly.
I love it

Red Doily

I just received a red doily from my friend. Thank you teh Teti, i love the motifs. 

Rainbow Wristlet

This is a request from my friend in Guwahati India. I am inspired by her handmade. I hope you'll like it mbak Phie..^__^

It's baby girl package : purple edition

 This is the baby girl package for my friend in Bogor. I used Softy cotton baby purple and white and hook no 6. 
For the hat, i made with new technique ( for me :D ). i usually made from top to bottom, this time i made from bottom to top of it.

Next Episode of Granny Squares Jacket

Here's my latest granny squares jacket for baby girl. Made from Softy Cotton and hook no 7.

Tunic CAL

This is the result from January CAL in Thalenta Page in Facebook. The project was making a tunic . I used variegated cotton yarn and hook no 5 /3,00 mm.

Unfortunately, i can't wear this tunic. The size doesn't fit for me ^_^. I will send it to my niece.

Leaves Bookmark

This bookmark is a KAL project in DC Community. It said that the bookmark needs only 45 minutes to make it but i made it for 3 hours. I made the bookmark while i nurturing my child. Is it looks like leaves??
I think, i have to practice knitting more often.


Garter Shawl Final

After two weeks, finally it's done ^_^.  The Shawl is requested by my niece in Bandung. She loved the color and the motifs too. The length of the the shawl is 120 cm . I will add some tassel in the both edge of it .

Talaa in action

The zigzag motifs

Red Granny Jacket

This time, i made granny jacket again. Ferika, my friend in Yogyakarta, asked me to make a jacket for her daugter. I made from original pattern and  some addition in the lower jacket and wrist part with some granny squares .
 I used my fav yarn : softy cotton, the texture is soft and light. And also hook no 6.

Garter Shawl

Since i had injured in my left forefinger last wednesday, i couldn't do any crocheting for a week. The good news is i can do knitting because it don't use forefinger . I made this shawl with English style and 4,5 mm knitting needles. 

Look at the yarn.. The motifs come from the color of the yarn..Love it!

Here's some photos of my injury..It seems like i watch "The Ripley's believe it or not". Hope that it will not happen to anybody else..

Happy New Year 2011

A cup of strawberry milkshake

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