New Jacket

New jacket after 1,5 months from the last post. Made for my friend. Material Softy Cotton from Thalenta. Hook no 7.
A little bit unsatisfied with the result..But i love the ribbing . It taken from Thata Pang's 3rd book.

Here's the ribbing details..

Thanks Thata Pang for the suggestion to make this project ^_^


glor said...

I think this is beautiful! And yes, love the ribbing. Very nice work.

Amanda Putri said...

wahh cantik mba. Itu rib-nya pake tusukan yang dibuku 1 mba Thata ya?

aystalaa craftshop said...

Glor : thank you..i have to fix some part of the jacket.
Manda L makasih Nda..rib-nya dari buku ketiga yang topi baret itu.

Jennilicous said...

you're so talented :)

aystalaa craftshop said...

jennilicious : thank you..i love your baby jacket too

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