Festival Rajutan Indonesia 2011 (Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival)

The Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival will be held on July, 16th and 17th 2011 in Bank Mandiri Museum..

Here's the Logo for this year

Merchandise for this year: T-Shirt, Tote Bag and Pin

You can order to :

Medan : Astika Cahyarani (astikacftn@yahoo.co.id)
Pekan Baru : Ike Keidi Ang (keidi.crafts@hotmail.com)
Depok : Yani (safrist@gmail.com)
Bogor : Ari Asih (ariasih.pratiwi@gmail.com)
Bandung : Yenni Tenza (yenni.tenza@gmail.com)
Jogjakarta : Ajeng Galih Sitoresmi (a.sitoresmi@gmail.com)
Surabaya, Malang dskt : Thata Pang (thata.pang@gmail.com)

or to the Committe : Iffon Leliana iffonleliana@gmail.com

see you there


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