Happy New Year 2011

A cup of strawberry milkshake


griya hobi fitriaa said...

Selamat tahun baru juga mba dini.
Wuiiihh cangkirnya cantik-cantik semua mba ^.*

Dheeny Thea said...

makasih mbak...itu cangkir punya teman-teman .:)

glor said...

Sorry about your finger but your knitting is amazing, beautiful yarn! Enjoying your blog, (I'm your newest follower), your little ones are adorable and make some of the finest models I have seen.

Dheeny Thea said...

@ Glor: Thank you..:) i love your works too

Clara said...

I hope your finger heals very soon. You are very good at knitting.....love the way the pattern is emerging out of that beauiful yarn!

Dheeny Thea said...

@ Clara : thank you..i'm beginner in knitting. The yarn has long stripe so it makes its own motifs

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