All about bookmarks

These some bookmarks i made in the end of April..

First bookmark called the Pink. Using Tunisian Knit Stitch technique for the top and i attached some yarn below to make a braid

The second bookmark made from ribbon yarn . It looks like entrelac for a glance. 
I used Tunisian Knit Stitch instead of Tunisian Simple Stitch

The last, mushroom bookmarks were inspired by the work of Martha Puri. Thanks Puri :D
Made from red and white Indonesian Cotton Thread. Which one do you prefer?

Drapey Crochet Vest

This vest is all about ease...easy to crochet, easy to wear and beautifully easy on the eyes! *taken from pattern introduction*

Indeed, this vest is easy to crochet. I took the pattern from

Material : Thalenta Star's yarn
 Hook no 7


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